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Join the Avaya member family and get your exclusive poster

Hello, partners

do you know? Only 5% to 25% of potential customers contacted for the first time are ready to buy, and most users are only in the stage of information collection. If there is no effective incubation strategy, these potential customers will stay in the cognitive stage and cannot enter the sales stage

clue incubation - leads mining - promoting the purchase journey of potential customers is a problem we have been exploring and discussing

in order to better incubate and mine marketing clues, recently [Avaya Greater China service number] was officially launched, and a marketing incubation platform was built to better carry out enterprise digital marketing and achieve customer acquisition, transformation and growth

however, all this is inseparable from the attention and support of every partner! Now we need all partners to pay attention to the service number and register as members

you can enjoy

Project traceability priority allocation

Invitation to online and offline meetings

learn first-hand market information and share it with your customers

now, pick up the registration

1. Click [read the original text], or scan the QR code below to follow [Avaya Greater China service number]

2. Find [treasure Pavilion] - [member center] in the bottom menu bar, or click the [register member] option in the pop-up dialog

3. Fill in the member registration information according to the contents of the pop-up page

how to spread the traceability poster:

after the partner registration is completed, you can enter the industry heart of the member to view, receive tasks, and initiate the communication (forwarding tweets, company materials, white papers, etc.). The communication records have data records, and control the overall situation through visual reports

how to make traceability posters:

enter the member center, especially if you can obtain this kind of performance at a more affordable price than all carbon fiber reinforced materials. Then click the traceability poster, and generate your own unique QR code traceability poster with one click

please get avaya+263, light video bag online conference invitation poster immediately, and invite customers with us, marketing trend 6 The friction force of the force measuring piston in the oil cylinder increases or gets stuck. The potential is getting better and better. The sales clues are locked to yourself

we are still improving the background content. In the future, online conferences, conference invitations, content dissemination and interaction will be carried out on this platform. Thank you for your support and cooperation

please register as soon as possible

pf_ Type=3 for member registration

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