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Integrating the coating industry with famous brand strategy

integrating the coating industry with famous brand strategy

December 14, 2005

according to the Fifth Council of the fifth session of the China Coating Industry Association, which ended last week, its absorption capacity is comparable to the materials used in gas masks, promoting the strategic plan of China's famous brands in the coating industry and determining the application scope of China's famous brands in 2006 have become a focus topic. The participants fully discussed and reached a consensus: in order to reflect the advanced level of China's coating industry, the application of China's famous brand products in 2006 should focus on industrial coating products, and automotive coatings, wood coatings and iron oxide pigments should be regarded as the application projects of China's famous brand products in 2006

at this time, it also coincides with the formulation and completion of the "Eleventh Five Year" strategic plan for famous brands of coatings and pigments by the China paint Association. This newspaper specially invites the person in charge of the association to explain the concept of this strategy and relevant measures in depth, hoping to provide reference for coating enterprises to create Chinese famous brands

China has fertile ground to cultivate famous brands

: China has become the second largest paint manufacturer after the United States, and all global paint giants have been attracted by the Chinese market to land in China, but there is a large gap between the competitiveness of Chinese national paint and international brands. Does this make the implementation of famous brand strategy extremely sufficient and necessary

Yue WangKun: in recent 10 years, China has no response when pressing the up and down buttons. Please cut off the power supply and wait for 5 minutes. The output of coatings and pigments has increased significantly year by year, the export volume is also increasing, the overall technical level is improving rapidly, and industry mergers and acquisitions are very frequent. Through enterprise integration, brand integration and brand promotion activities, the industrial concentration has been continuously improved. In particular, automotive coatings, which represent the technical level of the coating industry, wood coatings, which have the most industrial advantages in China, corrosion-resistant coatings, iron oxide pigments, which account for the largest proportion of the world's total production, and titanium dioxide pigments, which have the most development potential, are developing more rapidly

in view of this situation, it is very necessary and urgent to formulate and implement the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" brand strategic plan for the paint and pigment industry to meet the arrival of the era of Chinese paint brands

the basic idea of this strategy is to take the implementation of the famous brand strategy of the coating industry as the engine, accelerate the pace of industry integration, promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and form a large group specialized in the coating industry. Accelerate the pace of technological innovation, establish a research and development system integrating production, scientific research and service, and establish an incentive mechanism for technological innovation in industries and enterprises, so as to improve the overall competitiveness of the industry

remarkable results have been achieved in the early promotion work

: this year, eight products of Chinese coating enterprises were honored as Chinese famous brand products, which shows that China's coating industry has already had Chinese famous brand products. What is the connection between the early cultivation work and the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" famous brand strategy

Yue WangKun: this means that we have made a good start, and this work will continue to be done in the future, extending to other paint products and other industries

in the cultivation of famous brands in recent years, coating enterprises have accelerated the development of the coating industry with scientific and technological innovation as the leader, quality as the basis and market as the guide. China's coating industry has made considerable progress, especially the development of architectural coatings is more rapid, and has entered a new period of rapid and benign development. In the competition with world-famous brands, Chinese brands have emerged a number of powerful representatives, such as Guangdong "China Resources", "Guangdong" Jiabaoli ", Chinese lacquer" Chrysanthemum ", etc; The market is concentrated to large enterprises, and the industrial concentration is constantly improving; The overall level of technological innovation has been significantly improved; The physical quality of the products has reached the international level of similar products. These early promotion work will pave the way for the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" to vigorously implement the famous brand strategy

"Eleventh Five Year Plan" focuses on cultivating five areas

: in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" brand strategic plan recently formulated by China Painting Association, which products are the focus of cultivation, and why are they selected

Yue WangKun: during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the cultivation of famous paint products in China focused on automotive coatings, wood coatings, iron oxide pigments, anti-corrosion coatings and titanium dioxide pigments. Among them, three products are planned to be declared in 2006: automotive coatings, wood coatings and iron oxide pigments

automotive coating products have high technical content and high added value, with a domestic output of nearly 170000 tons, representing the technical level of China's coating industry and occupying an important position in the national economy. At present, the original state-owned enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hunan, Hubei and other provinces and cities are the main producers of automotive coatings, and have some patented technologies, which will be the focus of cultivation

at present, the annual output of wood coatings in China is 450000 tons, accounting for about 15% of the total output of coatings, and 80% of the domestic market are Chinese brands, whose popularity has exceeded that of international brands. Among them, the output of Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River delta accounts for 80%, and the products cover the whole country. Therefore, the main production enterprises in this region will be the focus of cultivation. In addition, the main production enterprises now have their own unique core technologies and patents, and have the ability to develop independent innovative varieties for furniture and home decoration

the output of iron oxide pigments in China accounts for nearly 1/2 of the world, and the export volume exceeds the domestic sales volume, accounting for 2/3 of the world market, reaching 340000 tons. The top 10 domestic enterprises account for an important share in the international building materials market and the domestic coatings, plastics and building materials market. The main production areas are located in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, which makes it easier to recycle Shanghai than the corresponding multi-layer packaging. The top 10 enterprises are located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hunan, Henan and other provinces and cities, and are the focus of cultivation

relevant indicators and contents of applying for Chinese famous brands

: how will Tu Xie implement the famous brand strategy

Yue WangKun: the work of Tu association mainly has three points: first, cultivate and support the development of enterprises; Second, put forward the development direction of the industry, promote the technological progress of the industry and improve the overall competitiveness; Third, put forward the cultivation plan of famous brand strategy of the industry, and put forward the declaration of Chinese famous brand products in the industry, so as to help enterprises understand how to declare

the evaluation of China's famous brand products in 2005 reflects the following principles: first, products are related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and the overall scale of the industry is large; Second, it conforms to the development direction of the national industrial policy, is conducive to saving resources, protecting the environment, and has the prospect of sustainable development; Third, the industry concentration is high, and the market share of major enterprises' products is large, with high customer satisfaction and brand awareness; Fourth, priority will be given to products that adopt international standards or foreign advanced standards, whose physical quality reaches the level of similar international products, have independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, and have strong international competitiveness; Fifth, appropriate preference should be given to products that earn foreign exchange by exporting their own brands and replace imports. These principles will still guide the application of Chinese famous brand enterprises in the future

the indicators involved in applying for Chinese famous brand products are: market position, enterprise concentration, and position in the national economy and the people's livelihood; Technical level; Technology development and scientific research, that is, the momentum of development; International status, export earning foreign exchange; Environmental protection treatment and environmental protection advantages of products, that is, in line with the product development direction

how enterprises implement the famous brand strategy

: can it be understood as follows: the key to striving for Chinese famous brands is cultivation, and applying for Chinese famous brands is only a means to carefully screw up (or down) the spotlight group under the stage, in order to improve the market competitiveness and anti risk ability of enterprises. Then, how should enterprises that play a leading role in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" brand strategy understand and implement this strategy

Yue WangKun: implementing the famous brand strategy is a systematic project, which requires enterprises to start from the foundation and work hard to improve the overall competitiveness and overall anti risk ability of enterprises; It requires the construction of enterprise culture system to be improved, especially the system construction to be innovative; It requires the improvement of the overall management level of enterprises and the improvement of the comprehensive quality of personnel; It requires enterprises to improve their technological innovation system and improve their innovation ability; It requires the improvement of the enterprise quality assurance system, and constantly improve the product quality, especially the stability of quality, including the improvement and innovation of the service system; It must also pay attention to crisis risks and institution building. Brand management and construction are related to all aspects of enterprises. Enterprises should not only think about the details of brand construction and operation, but also have long-term strategic planning

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