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Improve the management and sales ability, and win the market -- Interview with Mr. songhongqiang, deputy general manager of Tianyin chemical.

Tianyin chemical is the largest alcohol ether production base in China. Its main products include: dibasic alcohol ethers and their acetate, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries and surfactants, dialkyl terminated polyether, chemical fiber oil, green environmental protection plasticizer, and organic/pharmaceutical intermediates

Huicong paint is very happy to meet with Mr. songhongqiang, vice president of Tianyin chemical industry, to communicate with us on the transformation of glass fiber reinforced cement light porous partition board jc666 (1) 997 in the domestic solvent Market and the measures to deal with the financial crisis, so as to give a boost to the development of the solvent industry

Huicong: Tianyin chemical industry is a domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of diol ethers and their acetate. After years of precipitation, Tianyin chemical industry has grown into a group enterprise with six series of products. Can you tell us about the growth process of Tianyin chemical industry in recent years

songhongqiang: with the care and help of our customers, Tianyin chemical industry has made steady and healthy development in recent years. At present, the production capacity of bending span binary alcohol ether series products can reach about 200000 tons. In June this year, a new ethylene glycol butyl ether project with an annual output of tons will be completed and put into operation. Since then, Tianyin chemical will further develop upstream to enhance the competitive strength of our products and provide our customers with better services

HC: as we all know, the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis on the solvent industry is unprecedented. Was Tianyin chemical affected by the financial tsunami, and what impact did it have on production and sales

songhongqiang: affected by the financial crisis, the production and sales of Tianyin chemical since October 2008 have also been affected to a certain extent. However, due to the relatively stable customer base of our company, the production and sales soon entered normal and steady development

HC: in the process of coping with the financial crisis, what positive measures has Tianyin chemical taken to avoid losses to the enterprise

Song Hongqiang: in response to the financial crisis, we mainly take two measures,

First: strengthen internal management, save production expenses and reduce production costs

II: strengthen sales and expand the scope of product sales

HC: the petrochemical industry revitalization plan issued by the state will promote the development of the petrochemical industry. The introduction of the plan is a cardiotonic for Tianyin chemical and petrochemical industry enterprises. How do you think of the positive effect that the adult toothbrush neck bending force ≥ 43n or within the deformation limit can bring after the continuous plan is launched

songhongqiang: as a basic industry, the petrochemical industry involves many fields, and most of the raw materials used by our company are also related to petrochemical enterprises. Therefore, the revitalization of this industry will play a positive role in the development of many downstream enterprises

HC: the "Aftershock" of the 2009 financial crisis is still affecting the market. What do you think of the trend of the solvent Market in 2009? Will it recover in the second half of 2009

songhongqiang: the market will definitely improve in 2009. With the active efforts of the state, the market has improved significantly now, Gradually "Warming up.

HC: as a media in the coating industry, HC coating aims to build an exchange platform for customers in the coating industry. What are your good suggestions for our work?

Song Hongqiang: I hope HC coating can make persistent efforts to play an intermediate bridge and communication role between coating customers and our raw material suppliers.

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