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Meet the classic of packaging design

pre Edition: in recent years, some high-level new works have been published, and a number of outstanding packaging designers have emerged. Therefore, many enterprises have achieved relatively good economic benefits, which should be affirmed. But at the same time, the problem is that all kinds of one-sided pursuit of luxury "extravagance" is becoming increasingly fierce, especially the lack of rational pursuit of "high-end", the abuse of new materials and new processes, the box is becoming larger and larger, and the cost is getting higher and higher. In parallel with this, there are more and more packages that follow the trend of each other, become popular with counterfeiting, imitate each other, do everything by any means, and are shoddy. This is a phenomenon of "fake, evil and ugly" in vicious competition, and it is a manifestation of the immature market economy in China. Many works are ostensibly "vigorous", wearing gold and silver, and the infinite superposition of technology and materials, "everything is extremely necessary". These works are like a "nouveau riche" -- outside the gold and jade, inside the corruption, so vulgar that they often can't stand scrutiny, let alone analysis and deliberation. This is a morbid "luxury", which runs counter to our comprehensive requirements for "truth, goodness and beauty" of packaging

pursuing the classicality of packaging design is the inevitable trend of the market from low-level competition to high-level competition. The pursuit of high-quality products and packaging is determined by the instinctive needs of consumers. As consumers become more and more smart, their tastes will become higher and higher, and their requirements for life taste will become higher and higher. Therefore, it is inevitable that mediocre and shoddy works will be eliminated

American Landau design company "has made outstanding achievements and rich experience in this field. They have designed and exported beer packaging for the Philippines. There are 79 bottle shape design schemes alone, and all of them have made physical models. The refinement of their deliberation and modification is beyond our imagination. The graphics, text and color of the package are also multiple schemes, which are studied and tested repeatedly (consumers are invited to participate in the test, test with instruments and equipment, small batch trial sale, etc.), and modified repeatedly until they are satisfied. They have strict requirements on market research, design positioning and creativity, image attraction, element extraction and combination, and production process, All reached "Perfect" has achieved great success. Although the design fee is very high, it is very cost-effective compared with the huge return achieved by the client's successful sales. In addition, for consumers, classic packaging is invincible and invincible, and they have permanent charm.

in the process of designing wine packaging, designers should aim at pursuing the classicality and originality of packaging. In market research Packaging positioning and creativity, cultural connotation, container design, structural design, picture design, artistic attraction, color and texture design, finishing and printing technology, new materials and the application of new technology should be explored and studied. A classic package, Should emphasize pursuit The realm of "precise beauty" should have the following characteristics:

first, thoughtful Market Research and accurate market positioning

the market is diversified, and consumers' consumption level, aesthetic requirements and consumption psychology are also diversified. There is no universal packaging suitable for all consumers. Therefore, according to the characteristics and price level of their products, they select suitable consumer groups to locate and investigate the lives of the target groups in detail Way, hobbies, consumption level, aesthetic taste, color likes and dislikes, packaging design will be targeted and easy to achieve design success. This is the concept of designing for others based on people and knowing yourself and the enemy in modern design, that is, the so-called personalized design. No market research, Relying solely on the interests of the designer or the client Design like "blind men fishing" will never succeed. A good packaging design must be a marketable design, otherwise the design is in vain no matter how luxurious, let alone classic.

Second, excellent design creativity, distinctive brand image

with a clear market positioning, the most important thing is to carry out design creativity according to the positioning, which is the core of the design. Although this creativity can refer to various information and materials, it is necessary to Fundamentally speaking, it must be original, not original. The design lacks vitality, is not easy to arouse the interest of consumers, and is difficult to stimulate their consumption desire. For a long time, it will die out in insipid. Classic packaging design must have excellent packaging design creativity

third, a vivid external visual image, full of artistic attraction

human is a perceptual animal, which needs spiritual satisfaction in addition to material needs. A product that lacks external attraction is ignored by consumers. Therefore, packaging design must create and draw a vivid external visual image according to the characteristics of products, attract the attention of consumers and promote their purchase behavior. Now the products tend to be homogeneous, the same kind of products are of similar quality, there are many competitors, the appearance is not attractive, and there is no artistic charm. If consumers lack the desire to buy, they will be submerged by the ocean of commodities and lose the opportunity to sell. A classic package must have a vivid visual image, full of artistic charm and temptation, in order to be invincible in the fierce commodity competition

IV. rich cultural connotation

a good package should not only look good, but also be durable, from which we can get spiritual pleasure and enjoyment. Only when it is exquisite, meaningful and memorable can it have lasting charm. Especially in high-end packaging and gift packaging, rich cultural connotation 4. In addition to the conventional creep lasting experiment, deep cultural heritage and fascinating realm are the goals of packaging, and the friction coefficient of data is less than 1, which is a necessary characteristic of classic packaging. A dull and pale product packaging can only be called a white box, not a commodity packaging. The higher the cultural accomplishment of the designer, the richer the connotation and spiritual value it is endowed with, and the more likely it will become the packaging of the classic in 1988. In particular, gifts or gift packaging and reusable packaging with preservation value are pets that appreciate taste, and have stronger requirements for cultural connotation

v. comprehensive requirements for packaging quality

it covers a wide range, from the selection of raw materials, processing machinery, packaging methods, processing technology, structural design, container design, appropriate specifications, excellent protection and packaging performance, cushioning performance to adapting to consumer lifestyle, circulation and transportation requirements, market sales requirements, environmental protection requirements, energy conservation, material conservation Adapt to the requirements of economic cost accounting, etc. A classic packaging must stand the test of so many links, which is the difficulty of packaging. In the annual World Packaging Organization "world star" selection activities, packaging experts in various countries have very strict requirements on packaging, not only focusing on packaging decoration, but focusing on the requirements of the overall quality of packaging. A classic packaging, it must withstand the test of the overall quality of packaging, and the qualified is excellent and classic.

VI. pay attention to the fine processing of design and production

pursuit " "Precise beauty" is one of the characteristics of packaging design and processing. For half a century, famous domestic decoration designers have agreed that "the key to decoration is to require neat design and pursue 'precision and beauty'. Foreign counterparts pay attention to bright and concise design, but complementary to this is the emphasis on fine processing, strict selection of materials, processes and textures and overall harmony.

" details determine success or failure, and majors create the future "is the global development trend. In the past three years, under the leadership of President Li Jianhua, Jinjian marketing has created a new world of professional marketing with professional product research and development, packaging design, brand planning, etc. Zhang Ruimin, President of Haier group outside the industry, has made great achievements in product development "Intensive cultivation" has also achieved fruitful results, and its exquisite products have entered the markets of Germany, Japan, the United States, Europe and so on.

modern packaging design pays attention to the fine processing of design and production. This is not only a technical problem, but also a problem of concept and professional technology of personnel. Some packaging designs themselves are still very rough, but designers and producers think they are already very exquisite, which is caused by ignorance, and even worse Those who have used computer-aided design should be the most exquisite. Computer tools are dominated by human thinking. If the thinking quality and aesthetic ability of designers and processors are not improved, and the production conditions and technical conditions are not improved, finishing is an empty word

classic packaging must be exquisite packaging. Pursuing the originality and classicality of packaging is the requirement of the times and the inevitable result of the upgrading of market competition. At the same time, it is also a hard labor process with high technical and artistic content to achieve the classicality of design. Product developers should take a long view, carefully investigate, consult the authority, comprehensively evaluate from the aspects of design experience, marketing concept, creativity, professional technology, industry reputation and so on, and carefully select designers and design companies to package the products, so as to make the products win in the fierce competition in the future. For example, ■

about the author:

Huang Huan, born in Luzhou, Sichuan Province in May 1942, graduated from the decoration major of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1960, and is now a national packaging design expert who enjoys the allowance of the state Council. Working experience: Deputy General Manager of China packaging and decoration design corporation, deputy director of China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute, Deputy Secretary General of the Design Committee of China Packaging Technology Association, member of the National Packaging Competition Jury, member of the national arts and crafts senior title jury, packaging consultant of Beijing Municipal People's Government, visiting professor of Chengdu University of technology. His works have won international awards for many times: "Asian Star" and "world star" twice. He is one of the first prize winning authors in the international packaging competition in China. On behalf of China, he has served as the judge of "Asian Star" and "world star" for many times

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