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Improve the "intelligent manufacturing" level of the plastic machine industry, and become plastic machine enterprises competing for new heights

the recovery of the international economy provides power for the development of countries around the world, and so do Chinese enterprises. However, in this international financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry has exposed serious problems. On the surface, the slowdown of China's economic growth and industrial development is actually a manifestation that the industrial structure of China's manufacturing industry and the original economic development model do not adapt to the inevitable development direction of the international high-end market economy

in order to build China's economic model suitable for the international high-end market, the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of China's manufacturing industrial structure has been put on the agenda, and now it has become an inevitable requirement of China's economic development. As one of the pillar industries of China's manufacturing industry, industrial optimization and reform is one of the key objects of the society. Machinery is the core driving force of the manufacturing industry. The development of its technology and technology represents the overall strength and demand of the material inspection and analysis group of the industrial integrated grinding tensile testing machine, which is important for wire and cable, building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, rubber and plastics, textiles, household appliances and other industries

today, with the weak links and internal contradictions of the plastic machine industry becoming increasingly prominent, "intelligent manufacturing" has become the focus of competition among major enterprises. Improving the "intelligent manufacturing" level of the plastic machinery industry will comprehensively improve the technical level and international competitiveness of China's plastic machinery industry. It is an important development strategy for China's plastic machinery enterprises and brands to implement the "going out" strategy

looking back on the 12th Five Year Plan and combining the process of the 13th five year plan, we can see the key role of independent innovation, intellectual property rights and high-tech in the plastic machinery industry. The economic benefits of China's plastic machine industry are increasing year by year. The high-end of electronic universal testing machines equipped with high-end plastic exports are mainly reflected in the surge in high-precision photoelectric encoders and the gradual rise in international influence; Industry leaders gradually integrate with international enterprises and establish effective cooperative relations; The high-tech content and high added value of plastic machinery products and equipment have been significantly improved. These are the manifestations of China's plastic machinery industry moving towards high-end manufacturing and "intelligent manufacturing"

just like the five layer coextrusion film blowing die series that sincerely combines technology and art, it perfectly combines technology and aesthetics, five axis linkage precision surface machining, multi-layer composite channel design, in-depth layer by layer, actual effect upgrading, making technology more artistic; Donghua Machinery JSE Ⅱ small and medium-sized detectable, including wear-resistant servo driven two plate injection molding machines for metals, coatings, plate surfaces, coating materials, textiles, leather, rubber and other wear-resistant properties, and the exclusive patent of six cylinder uniform direct pressure system, which saves energy and environmental protection, reduces energy consumption by more than 50%, and the repetition accuracy of high repetition precision products is ≤ 30%; Far east equipment's new generation bopp/bopet special functional film production line has realized the substitution of high-end optical equipment for imports, creating a new era of domestic optical films, etc

counting these domestic high-quality plastic machines, my mood is stirring. China, known as the "world factory" with smaller and smaller price differences, has a mixed global reputation. While these aspiring enterprises are innovating intelligent manufacturing and improving their own strength, they are also changing the current situation that the proportion of plastic machinery enterprises with independent intellectual property rights in China is low

on the road of intelligent manufacturing, we should pay attention to "replacing people with intelligent manufacturing", use intelligent manufacturing capabilities to create efficient productivity and liberate the labor force. Enterprises should strengthen R & D and design under the guidance of national policies, and rely on key projects to promote the production and manufacturing of independent high-tech, realize commercialization and profitability, and create a real industry brand

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