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Learn the logistics skills of Australian e-commerce

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core tip: in early July, Australia ITM Co., Ltd., a famous e-commerce platform in Australia, made a strong landing in Nanjing, China, setting off a whirlwind of cross-border e-commerce in Australia in the ancient capital of Six Dynasties. Compared with large e-commerce platforms, ITM provides a more convenient local platform for Australian companies to enter the Chinese market, and the logistics skills behind it are amazing

[China Packaging News] in early July, Australia ITM Co., Ltd., a famous Australian e-commerce platform, made a strong landing in Nanjing, China, setting off a whirlwind of cross-border e-commerce in Australia in the ancient capital of Six Dynasties. Compared with large e-commerce platforms, ITM provides a more convenient local platform for Australian companies to enter the Chinese market, and the logistics skills behind it are amazing

in recent years, the relaxation of the Chinese government's cross-border e-commerce policy has provided policy resources for Australian e-commerce to compete in the Chinese market. China urgently needs to make up for its foreign trade weakness by strengthening cross-border e-commerce business. This provides opportunities for Australian high-end brands with exquisite and moderate prices, especially in terms of lifestyle and fashion industry, and provides market resources for Chinese consumers

a more favorable international background is that a year ago, the Chinese and Australian governments officially signed a free trade agreement. In this context, what are the Australian e-commerce companies Temple Webster, Kogan, the ionic, catch of th testing machines used for? E day, booktopia and others have stepped on the mainland market with great strides, without the worries of policy barriers. There are many players in China's huge segmented market, which provides huge cooperation opportunities for ITM and other Australian e-commerce companies

however, the logistics problem must be solved if the best goods want to cross the ocean from Australia thousands of miles away and be transported safely and quickly to Chinese consumers

as a latecomer, ITM has not only made a good sales platform, but also invested a lot of energy in logistics docking, seeking professional logistics partners, striving to create a fast and safe channel, improve ITM brand reputation, and enhance customer stickiness

to learn more about experimental machines, the first thing is to build a closed-loop chain. Cross border logistics in China and Australia should form a closed-loop chain, that is, enterprise commodity filing - system docking - overseas goods preparation - electronic customs clearance - International Transportation - domestic inspection - domestic distribution - after-sales service. Every link is very important and cannot be neglected, which is related to the brand image of cross-border e-commerce. ITM was founded by Chinese immigration partners. They not only have a deep international background, are familiar with the transformation of eastern and Western ideas, but also have a wide range of local contacts. They are familiar with the rules of the game in the Chinese mainland market, especially have an insight into the market demand in the Chinese mainland, and excel in the supply organization and commodity allocation. There are also many advantages in the logistics closed-loop chain, such as authoritative support, multi department organization co construction, multi port customs clearance, National Federation, supporting overseas cloud warehouse, resource sharing, intelligent customs declaration, high customs clearance rate, and industry-specific public security ID verification

the second is to build an appropriate model. At present, the business model of e-commerce logistics in Australia can be divided into five categories: the first is the postal parcel model, which relies on the Universal Postal Union to deliver by postal express; The second is the international express mode, which is delivered by the four international express giants DHL, TNT, ups and FedEx; Third, China's domestic express delivery mode, mainly EMS, SF and "four supplies and one delivery"; Fourth, the dedicated line provides a fully automatic power failure protection workflow mode, which is transported by air package and express delivery; Fifth, the overseas warehousing mode refers to the one-stop control and management services for the seller to store, sort, package and deliver goods at the sales destination. These five modes are applied flexibly according to the conditions of goods

finally, speed competition. At present, the logistics cost in Western Australia is 6.5 Australian dollars/kg, and it takes about 10 days for goods to reach Chinese customers, while in Sydney, eastern Australia, it generally takes only 5 Australian dollars and 7 days. Because most products are produced in eastern Australia, Australian e-commerce companies have established a distribution center in Sydney to shorten the distribution time and save logistics costs. In the process of customs clearance, ITM has efficient control over major ports, which can realize customs clearance on the same day of picking up goods, ensure that goods are delivered more quickly and simply, help customers save time and customs clearance costs, and improve the user experience of overseas shopping

there is also the use of ups and other international express query systems to enhance customers' logistics experience. In the increasingly fierce global cross-border e-commerce competition environment, the experience of end customers plays a decisive role in the development of enterprises. In order to optimize processes and reduce operating costs, ITM cooperates with UPS, a multinational logistics company, to integrate UPS functions into its own system, so that all information can be filled in only once, and orders, invoices, etc. can be printed directly through the enterprise's own system, without logging into the logistics company's system. In this way, each salesman can save about 45 minutes per day on average, which not only improves the logistics experience of customers found in the survey, but also greatly improves the business efficiency, shortens the preparation time before the shipment is exported, and makes it easier to query the logistics status. This alone will increase the logistics speed by 10%

however, since Australian cross-border e-commerce came to China to dig the corner of local e-commerce, it was also blocked by Chinese e-commerce companies such as and Alibaba. A year ago, mall held the global Australia Investment Promotion Conference and the launching ceremony of the "Australia Pavilion" in Melbourne, Australia. This news severely hit the territory of Australia's cross-border e-commerce. JD mall has also built a logistics distribution center under the eyes of Australia's cross-border e-commerce, making Australia's cross-border e-commerce have no local advantages

the situation is very serious. This time, Australia's cross-border e-commerce has killed a bullet. In the future, it seems to compete with and Alibaba in logistics. It all depends on the wisdom and ability of ITM and other Australia's cross-border e-commerce

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