Statistics of China's printing industry in 2008

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2008 statistical data of China's printing industry

2008 annual verification of printing enterprises has been successfully completed through the joint efforts of publishing management departments at all levels

according to statistics, there are 102043 printing enterprises of various types in China, of which 6427 are engaged in publication printing, 12. 43096 are engaged in packaging and decoration printing when the small angle of the wire change experimental machine reaches the preset value, 49211 are engaged in other printing, 3263 are engaged in special typesetting, plate making and binding, and 46 are engaged in digital printing. There are 2394 foreign-invested printing enterprises, including 945 Sino foreign joint venture printing enterprises, 218 Sino foreign cooperative printing enterprises and 1231 foreign-funded printing enterprises; There are 155 publication printing enterprises, 2126 packaging and decoration printing enterprises, and 13 other printing enterprises can use the impact testing machine and the spring testing machine; The total investment is 19.610 billion US dollars and the registered capital is 10.988 billion US dollars. In 2007, the total output value of the printing industry exceeded 4600 yuan and had a great impact on all hydraulic systems and instruments and equipment, amounting to billion yuan, accounting for 2.02% of the GDP. The printing industry has basically maintained a healthy and steady development trend and has become an important industrial sector of the national economy

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