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Aseptic packaging refers to the rectangular paper box packaging with straw straw holes (for drinking soda) made of aluminum foil as barrier material. Now, aseptic packaging has developed rapidly with the research and improvement of the performance of various packaging materials required by aseptic filling by packaging technicians. For example, beverage bottles made of pet and HDPE and flexible packaging materials based on films are generally used for aseptic packaging. At the same time, Tetra Pak (translated as "Tetra Pak" in Chinese, which is called "Tetra Pak" in China) and sig combiloc (commonly called "comelot" in China) are now studying and designing multilayer materials for aseptic filling without aluminum foil barrier materials. This paper briefly introduces the situation and research progress of various aseptic packages that have been developed and used in foreign markets, especially in the United States

upright stick shaped packaging and cup

the upright stick shaped packaging made of film as the basic material is often used for food products such as apple juice and pudding that people can walk and drink (or eat) at the same time. Recently, the apple juice "fruit blasters" produced and marketed by motts company adopted the sleek and thin "crutch" shaped packaging. At the same time, the listed pudding (dessert) "protable pudding stick pack" produced by Hershey foods in the United States is also packaged with sterile upright round sticks

Curwood company of the United States can produce and provide aseptic packaging mechanical systems for pudding products packed with vertical forming/filling/sealing (F/F/s) high barrier composite films

hydrogen peroxide should be used for sterilization of packaging based on film. Usually, the packaging materials and containers are sterilized with hydrogen peroxide before f/F/s. For packaging sterilization, the film needs to pass through a heated hydrogen peroxide bath. At this time, the packaging material based on the film must be able to withstand the performance test in the process of passing through hydrogen peroxide, that is, it has the performance that the composite layer will not be separated due to the effect of hydrogen peroxide

pp, pet, LLDPE and other packaging materials can completely maintain the integrity of the material in this case. As long as nylon is in contact with hydrogen peroxide, swelling will occur, so it is not suitable for use

when the packing and filling machine stops running for several minutes to several days, the operator will provide f/F/s equipment with a special material called lesder film

curwood's traction sheet is made of PP material, so the retention time of the material and package in the hydrogen peroxide bath can be extended

when the device is started again and sterilized again, the operator cuts off the traction sheet and continuously supplies the commonly used packaging materials

when the horizontal forming/filling/sealing technology is used in the aseptic packaging process, the important research item is the cover material. Cur wood recommends the use of extruded composite materials, because it is not easy to form curl when passing through hydrogen peroxide steam bath like adhesive composite materials, so it is not easy to damage the packaging

plastic bottles

now, PET bottles and HDPE bottles are making success in the sterile filling industry

in the United States, dr.pepper/seven up company has used HDPE bottles to produce milk beverage "R making 1 General mechanical parts aging cow". At the same time, in Europe, some companies use the aseptic filling technology of PET bottles to produce milk drinks. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of sterile containers for hydrogen peroxide sterilization of this low acid milk food. Therefore, at present, in the United States, if low acid food is packed in sterile plastic bottles, it must be packed in HDPE plastic bottles sterilized by hydrogen peroxide. The Institute believes that it is for this reason that the sterile filling and packaging system produced by TetraPak company is used in the production of milk beverage lagingcow. It is also packaged in 14 oz. HDPE bottles

however, in European countries, there are many alternative production systems and approaches available when aseptic filling packaging processing technology is used for low acid food. Many products such as yoghurt, mixed milk beverage, milk beverage, foam cream and so on are using sterile filled o.5l-0.75l PET bottles. In this sterile filling production line, hydrogen peroxide is used for sterilization of bottles and caps

special shaped carton

aseptic carton packaging with the progress and development of aluminum foil barrier and filling equipment, the different sensors used are increasing and changing. Such as the emergence of a variety of new shapes, namely special-shaped carton packaging

sig Combibloc has successively developed a series of sterile filling devices suitable for the packaging of a series of special-shaped cartons, such as oval, crescent, triangle, quadrilateral, pentagonal and hexagonal, which are called combishake system. Compared with the combiloc device with pre configured sleeves, the com bishage device system adopts the roller feeding method of composite materials of photogravure printing technology

according to the needs of production products, there are also a variety of composite materials that can be selected or replaced each other. Its basic structure is: outer polyethylene (PE)/paperboard/middle polyethylene/aluminum/inner PE and other multilayer composites

combishage device system uses pre cut shallow groove lines to form the shape of the carton at the bottom and trunk of the carton respectively, and the shape of the bottom finally determines the shape of the product. When the packaging is formed, the screw cover is added to the carton packaging

in March2004, a large Spanish milk company launched a new product in the market - fortified milk is packed in an oval combishage sterile carton

tetra Pak also changed the sterile square brick packaging carton developed and produced by the company into octahedral shaped carton packaging with 8 surfaces - Tetra prism ("Tetra Pak" prismatic sterile carton packaging). The newly developed octahedral carton packaging can be used for packaging acid and low acid foods, and also suitable for all kinds of liquid foods

canadaigua wine (Canadian wine) company recently launched Almaden wine product with 500rnl prism octahedral aseptic carton package developed by Tetra Pak. The structure of the packaging container from the outer layer to the inner layer is composed of 7 layers: metal evaporated aluminum foil/PE/paperboard/adhesive/aluminum foil/adhesive/PE. Aluminum foil is used to provide a barrier layer for wine to prevent the influence of light and oxygen on its contents. The outer layer of the carton is rich in color, and the magnificent offset printing pictures and text descriptions are very durable, which can also avoid the scratch of external forces

almaden cartons are packed with a metal film cover at the wine inlet and outlet. The cover of tetra prismatic sterile carton packaging from 330ml to 1L capacity is a resealable cover called "slream cap" after unscrewing. Recently, skipper (meaning for rope skippers, captains and pilots) fruit juice products produced by zuegg, an Italian fruit juice company, are also packaged in TETRA pris Ma sterile cartons with a sleam cap sealing cover

reprinted from: China packaging industry author: Shenhua (compiled)

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