Statistics of plastic arrival at Shantou Port

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Statistics of plastic arrival at Shantou Port December (III)

product name, model and quantity (ton) Company name

eva n/a 16 a company

in terms of high strength and toughness of lightweight materials

eva total 16 tons

hdpe 5000S 289 a company

n/a 46 a company

hdpe total 335 tons

ldpe fb3000 136 a company

n/a 16 a company

ldpe total 152 tons

pp n/a 99 a company

pp total 99 tons

pvc KM31 91 a company

ls-100 1521 a company

n/a 2366 a company

pvc Total 3978 tons

caprolactam n/a 235 China Silk Import and Export Corporation

total 235 tons of caprolactam

plastics 5610k 22 a company

m530 134 a company

m540 188 a company

m570 17 a company

r754 53 a company

total 414 tons of plastics

orders of extruder enterprises will rise significantly

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