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Wireless sensor system: status monitoring of fast-moving parts

Shanghai, China. On December 7, 2015, embedded tag (ETB) entered the next stage. It can realize completely wireless and clear object recognition, and monitor its status from a distance of several meters. So far, four discrete states can be monitored. Future models will gain analog measurement functions independent of fieldbus and providers, and realize wireless or battery free transmission. From November 24 to 26, 2015 in Nuremberg, Haoting hydraulic operated the convenient testing machine, which can complete the rotary washing of the iron filings in the pipe after the rib processing in the previous process, complete the length measurement and positioning of the tested steel pipe through the photoelectric switch and mechanical device, synchronously feed the pipe to the pressure test center through the synchronous feeding device, and realize the radial pre sealing of the steel pipe head screw unit and the tail through the pre sealing device, The simultaneous pressurization of the steel pipe and the pre seal is realized by the supercharger, and the pressure test of the steel pipe is realized When the diameters of both ends of the steel pipe are different, Wenzhou inkjet printer is also equipped with joint clamping device to realize pressure balance during pressure test The solution (hall 10, booth 140) will be displayed at SPS IPC drives

industry 4.0 means connecting a large number of components, facilities and it networks. So far, it is still difficult to monitor fast-moving objects and rotating objects, because the sensor always needs a cable or a battery. Jinan experimental machine factory servo experimental machine technical specifications require too much use of batteries means that maintenance is required. Now, Haoting ETB has filled this gap by converting fast-moving components into industrial 4.0 components

in particular, the shafts, tools and transportation systems will be given a unique ID as in the past. ETB can measure the current environmental status, such as temperature. Finally, accurate condition monitoring can be realized, which can be directly used to optimize the whole process. It is easy to connect other sensors and switches to ETB, so new applications can be realized in the status monitoring area

Haoting highlighted the further development of embedded label (ETB) at SPS exhibition

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