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Due to the improper construction or design of the decoration company, the decoration will be reworked. Decoration rework is a troublesome thing. In order to avoid repeated rework, the owner needs to pay attention to some details

rework refers to the process of changing the constructed items or re constructing the unqualified items before the project acceptance. The last thing you want to see in the decoration process is the decoration rework. Once it is reworked, it will not only increase the decoration expenditure, but also delay the delivery period, causing trouble for both the owner and the construction party, especially for concealed works. However, home decoration and rework are common. Why does this happen? According to the survey, the culprit of rework is often nothing more than decoration design, as well as the construction technology of the constructor, and sometimes even the owner has a certain responsibility

in this regard, whether it is to try to avoid the occurrence of rework or the handling of rework, property buyers should pay attention to details and properly solve possible problems

◆ avoid rework plan first

first of all, we should naturally minimize the probability of rework as much as possible. When decorating, many owners want to have a decoration company anyway. I just need to determine the decoration style and negotiate the price. I didn't know anything about decoration and didn't have time to understand it. However, it is this mentality that has become the root of rework. Before decoration, the decoration owner must spend more time learning some of his own decoration knowledge, decoration process, the reputation/operation process of the decoration company, and the quality and ability of employees. Be diligent in the decoration process, which can not only avoid stepping into the trap of decoration (such as budget overrun, etc.), but also maximize the supervision of the construction quality of the constructor and minimize rework

in terms of design, rework is also mainly caused by design changes. Some owners change their minds during the construction, or find that the actual effect of the project is not as good as expected, and requiring re construction will cause rework. The best way to avoid this situation is to strengthen the communication between the owner and the designer, so that the designer can fully understand his aesthetic outlook and value orientation. At the same time, he should also know the design scheme well. If there is any doubt, he must raise it in time, try not to add projects halfway, and do not sign contracts in a hurry

in addition, the designer also has the responsibility to supervise the decoration effect. Therefore, the owner urges the designer to supervise the construction effect more and correct problems in time

◆ detailed contracts avoid disputes

some owners know nothing about decoration, so they can't sign easily after getting the contract from the decoration company. They should take the contract to experts to have a careful look, and then show it to relatives and friends who have decoration experience, and finally consider signing. The contract should be as detailed as possible, such as the brand, name and price of the materials, including the process flow of each material, the responsibility of the decoration company, follow-up services, and the collection method of increasing project fees in the middle. It is better to be a villain first and then a gentleman. The contracts given by some decoration companies often have many hidden loopholes, which make people step into their traps or get drilled a little carelessly

in addition, disclosure is also an important step in the formal decoration process, which is the process for the designer to explain the drawings to the constructor and determine the constructability of the drawings. Thorough disclosure can avoid many disputes in the later stage. Therefore, during the disclosure, the designer, the owner, the foreman and the supervisor are required to be present, and the designer gives a detailed description of the construction project. The owner confirms the construction project. If there are special designs and projects, he should ask more questions to the designer, foreman and supervisor, so as to find unreasonable problems in time and avoid increasing or decreasing items in the later stage. At the same time, the disclosure materials must also be complete, including the original structure drawing, structural demolition and reconstruction drawing, plane furniture layout drawing, ground layout drawing, ceiling layout drawing, strong and weak current circuit diagram, water level diagram, and detail drawing, elevation drawing and corresponding node drawing, etc. Once the project is added or modified, it needs to be confirmed in writing to protect the rights and interests in the later stage

◆ key issues focus on

according to the survey and statistics, wall cracking, hollow tiles, water pipe leakage in the bathroom, installation problems of small products, and cracking of indoor door pocket line are the most common rework problems in the home decoration market

for example, in many projects of home decoration construction, wall cracking and tile hollowing and falling off have always been difficult problems. This is because there are many factors that determine the success or failure of these two projects, the outbreak of problems is relatively lagging, and the acceptance mainly depends on experience, and there is no specific test data for reference. On the contrary, the most basic construction projects need the most experience and technology. Painting and tiling walls look simple, but it is difficult to achieve zero repair

after the home decoration company completes part or all of the decoration, it is undoubtedly a desirable way to mainly test these key problems. In this way, we can not only have pertinence, but also find problems more effectively. For example, wall cracking, hollowing of tiles, floor pavement, cabinet installation and switch panel and other small piece installation problems can become the key points of targeted acceptance for laymen in decoration. Even if professional third-party acceptance agencies are invited to complete the house collection, the owners can also require them to focus on the major projects with the highest repair rate




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