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Before the decoration construction, the owner will usually make full preparations in order to be useful in the decoration. For example, he will visit many decoration companies and understand many building materials markets, but these are not enough. Decoration is a process that requires the owner to worry about at any time. Before the decoration construction, all owners should ask the foreman in charge of the decoration to show you a schedule for the construction period of the decoration construction, which is a plan for the whole decoration process and a commitment to the owners. If the construction period is delayed in the future, the owner can safeguard his legitimate rights and interests according to this schedule. In addition, the schedule can also be used as a time reference for the owner to regularly check and accept the project. Each construction project, construction time and personnel shall be included in the detailed schedule. The foreman provides the owner with this schedule of construction period, in order to let the owner know the basic arrangement of construction period, such as which day of the month will complete the transformation of water circuit, the sealing of wood, the pasting of tiles, the production of ceiling keel, etc. In this way, the owner can reasonably arrange his own time to inspect the quality on site at the time of important steps. If the foreman fails to take the initiative to provide the owner with the schedule of construction period before the commencement and mobilization, the owner must ask the foreman himself, otherwise the owner can only admit bad luck in the future when the construction period is delayed or important links are not accepted in time. Different houses, areas and construction contents require different construction periods. In general, oil work is time-consuming and should not be too rushed. The general construction period should be controlled within 45 days, and the leveling of the two rooms can be completed in 40 days. It is understood that it will take about 45 days from the beginning to the completion to decorate a three bedroom house of 140-150 square meters. The small two bedroom apartment with small area can save fourorfive days, while the duplex apartment with more than 200 square meters needs fourorfive more days. The process of house decoration can be divided into three stages: early stage, middle stage and late stage. The work in the early stage of decoration is mainly decoration design. It takes 10-15 days from the selection of decoration company to the determination of design scheme. During this period, customers also need to choose the main materials for decoration, especially ceramic tiles and cabinets. Because cabinets are generally customized, it takes 20-35 days to complete. Professional cabinet designers should also design the kitchen according to the actual situation, such as determining the location of the water circuit, so as to carry out water and electricity transformation in time after construction. Ceramic tiles are the first to be used after construction, so in the early stage of decoration, we must first select cabinets and ceramic tiles. The mid-term decoration is mainly the construction period. After the commencement, the water electrician and carpenter will go to the construction site. It takes 4 days to a week to transform the water circuit, and it takes about 15 days for carpenters to make ceilings, background walls, and on-site cabinets. After about 7 days, the water circuit transformation was completed, and the bricklayer began to enter the site to lay tiles. The kitchen and bathroom are paved first, and then the public part. The whole process lasts until about the 30th day. Around the 15th day, the carpenter finished the work, and the oiler began to enter the site to carry out wall puttying, painting and other work, which should continue until twoorthree days before the completion of decoration. After the completion of the above construction, the rest is basically the later stage of the decoration. At this time, there are two or three days left before the completion of the decoration, and the carpenter comes back to install the curtain rod, hardware pendant, etc. The floors, doors, sanitary wares, cabinets, etc. ordered by the manufacturer have also begun to be installed in succession, and the ceilings of kitchens and bathrooms (the ceilings of kitchens and bathrooms are different from those of public parts, which need to be lifted later). These works are relatively simple and fast. Each kind of work only takes about 1 day, and it takes about 3 days to complete. ◆ general schedule 1. At least 10 days before commencement: make design and plan; Select the decoration company and put forward the decoration contents and requirements; Measure relevant data on site and draw detailed drawings; Fully communicate with the designer to determine the final plan

2. At least 5 days before commencement: sign the contract according to the budget; Determine the materials to be used; Make a preliminary budget for the home decoration expenses and compare it with the budget of the home decoration company; Sign the decoration contract. 3. At least 2 days before commencement: make preparations before mobilization; Contact the property department and complete the necessary procedures; Say hello to your neighbors; Mobilization of door and window materials and auxiliary materials; Hand over the key of the construction party; Pay the first installment of decoration

4. 1-2 days after commencement: knock on the wall to reform the structure. 5. 5-10 days after commencement: install water pipes and circuits; Handling and acceptance of pipeline materials; Acceptance of concealed works

6. 10-20 days after commencement: pave tiles and make walls; Acceptance of mud tile works; Check and accept wall materials, such as wall paint, ceramic tiles, etc. 7. 20-30 days after commencement: carpentry and painting; Mobilization acceptance of paint materials; Woodworking project acceptance

8. Start work for 30-50 days: lay the floor and make kitchen and bathroom equipment; Acceptance of floor materials; Cabinet installation acceptance on site; Site installation and acceptance of sanitary products; Buy back electrical appliances and install them; Sanitary products are installed and accepted on site. 9. 50-60 days after commencement: conduct acceptance and final accounts; Carry out summary calculation





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