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Fashion will never be abandoned by people, and health is certainly not. Shangpin's natural color reminds you that in your carefully selected and warm home, health details must not be ignored

Shangpin natural color is one of the core brands of Shandong Xindi home decoration Co., Ltd. Shandong Xindi home decoration Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a famous European design company. Adhering to the fashionable and avant-garde simplicity design style, relying on advanced technology, perfect management, and drawing on the world's advanced wooden door and window structure essence, it carefully creates a classic wooden door

fashion will never be abandoned by people, and of course health will not. Shangpin's natural color reminds you that in your carefully selected and warm home, you must not ignore the health details, otherwise it will really become "looks very beautiful!" Please pay attention to the following health details

1. The bathroom is too damp and easy to get sick

the damp bathroom is easy to cause fungus breeding and reproduction, and induce respiratory diseases. Therefore, the wet mop should be dried and then put into the bathroom; Keep the sewer unblocked; Turn on the exhaust fan frequently

2. Skillfully remove the peculiar smell at home

sprinkle some mountain potion at the sewer, mix some fresh orange peel in the flowerpot, put a bag of dried tea residue in the closet and drawer, put a little vinegar in the frying pan, heat and evaporate, all of which can remove the peculiar smell

3. Spend more money in the house and tired eyes

put fewer and better plants indoors. Too much will destroy the overall sense of the environment, which will not only be difficult to adjust the mood, but also cause visual fatigue

4. Choose the right curtain to have a good sleep

the curtains made of flocked fabric are thick, with good sound absorption and shading effects; Choose red and black curtains to help you fall asleep as soon as possible

5. In the shower room, fully toughened glass is the safest.

when semi toughened glass or hot bent glass is used, it may burst when hot water is used in winter or cold water is used in summer, and the safety of toughened glass is higher

Shangpin natural color wooden door is more persistent in pursuing the refinement, refinement and art of products and processes, and has always been committed to improving the wooden door with "taste life and exquisite carving", and will highly integrate the rigorous attitude of persisting in quality with the aesthetics of life art





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