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Yesterday, Ms. Han in Fuzhou dialed 95060 to report that she entrusted a new house of more than 100 square meters to kawawa Jiamu decoration company for decoration. Unexpectedly, the project payment was about to be paid, but the decoration company began to delay the construction period, and now it has been completely out of touch

after paying the project payment, the decoration company starts “ Idle away ” And refused to pay compensation, such disputes occurred frequently. The Council reminds that the project payment will be paid after the acceptance of each stage

Ms. Han's new house decoration is still semi-finished products

only 8000 yuan, and the completion of the final payment is far away

“ It was supposed to be completed last August, but it was delayed again and again& rdquo; Ms. Han said that she entrusted kawawa Jiamu (Fujian) architectural decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. with a unit house of more than 100 square meters in shiouwang village for decoration. The construction period was from April 1 to August 21, 2015, and the project cost was more than 267000 yuan

after completing the woodwork, ceiling frame and other projects, Ms. Han paid three times as agreed, a total of 259000 yuan, accounting for 97% of the total amount. Since then, Ms. Han found that the construction progress has become very slow, and then the two sides also signed two supplementary agreements, which were postponed to December 10, with a fine of 500 yuan for one day overdue

“ There is only 8000 yuan left, but the cupboard has not been installed, and the bathroom and lamps have not been installed& rdquo; Ms. Han said that the roughly estimated value of these projects is about 120000 yuan, but the decoration company has been unable to contact

yesterday, the reporter went to the 35th floor of unit 2, building 1, Zhenyuan, Shimao Tiancheng, Fuzhou, where kawawa Jiamu's office is located, and found that the building was empty, and the fixed line and mobile phone on the business card of general manager Miao Tengjiao were also shut down. The property management said that the company had not paid the property management fee since last July, “ No one has been found& rdquo;

pay the project payment after the project acceptance

in fact, kawawa Jiamu has had a dispute with the owner more than once. The reporter inquired about a judgment on the website of the provincial high court, asking kawawa Jiamu to return 80000 yuan of the project funds to the owner

in the above judgment, Fuzhou Taijiang District People's court held that although kawawa Jiamu obtained the business scope including indoor and outdoor decoration projects, it did not obtain the corresponding qualification certificate of the construction industry, so the contract it signed with the owner was invalid. Although the invalidity of the contract was attributed to the defendant, kawawa Jiamu was responsible for the fault and needed to return the project price, the standard liquidated damages of 50 yuan per day lacked basis due to the invalidity of the contract

in this regard, the provincial council reminded citizens that when signing a contract with a decoration company, they must understand whether it is qualified, and pay the project funds corresponding to the actual progress after the acceptance of each project stage. (reporter Zheng Liangwen/picture)




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