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At present, many people are very concerned about the environmental protection and health problems of latex paint, which is also a place of great concern to businesses. At present, many people are very concerned about the environmental protection and health problems of latex paint, which is also a place of great concern for businesses. With regard to the environmental protection coatings that claim "zero pollution" and "zero VOC" in the market, Xiao Gong, a water paint technical engineer, pointed out that there is no real "zero pollution" and "zero VOC" environmental protection coatings in the market, which is a concept hyped by businesses and a marketing means. They exaggerated publicity and misled consumers. Limited by technical difficulties and other factors, there are almost no "zero pollution" and "zero VOC" environmental friendly coatings on the market. Of course, the vast majority of latex paint is environmentally friendly. After all, nearly half of it is water. The main raw materials are powdered water lotion and some additives. The composition of organic compounds is very low, but it can not be said to be completely "zero pollution" and "zero VOC"

since water paint is not completely environmentally friendly, what is environmentally friendly material. Now there is really such a zero pollution material "solid wood dado" on the market. Since the official launch of olaiman solid wood background wall in 2017, it has been well received in the market. After a year of development, facing the serious phenomenon of homogenized products in the market, solid wood wall panels still win the market with environmental protection as a highlight. In view of the disadvantages of home decoration and cumbersome processes, solid wood wall panels have proposed a whole house decoration solution, and in the past two years, with their own advantages of zero pollution, green and environmental protection, they have been among the good product series of decorative materials. Its advantages are obviously different from other wall treatment materials in the market, and its service life is also higher than other wall materials. At the same time, solid wood dado can be directly occupied without waiting after decoration, which is also one of the reasons why it is deeply loved by the broad masses of the people

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